Jumping straight into summer going from three
jerseys to swimsuit and shorts, I bought fairy
flip flops with diaphanous roses and sequins
too beautiful to wear, the sweet scent of
jasmine filling the air

The crocodile within me lay in the sun yesterday
luxuriating in the cool wind stroking and teasing
my skin, the inviting pool too cool for swimming
yet I dipped my head in the icy water while
my ankles froze

A layer of misty cloud wisps obscuring the sun
today, almost too late to go outside again, the
crocodile restless, inspired by dreams of great
things while all that is expected is cleaning the
kitchen; I wonder

Did Edith Holden, Edwardian author of the Country
Diary ever wash dishes, feel angry, dreamt of new
things; she simply describes the weather and
wildlife and nature trips, not a word about
any other feeling

Wonderment and joy expressed in quotes,
descriptions and enchanting drawings, I
wish I could be like this

Margaret Alice Second